Mompreneur Masterclass


conquering overwhelm

ditching mom guilt

freeing up your time

and gain the work-life balance you crave

LIVE everyday at 2 PM pst

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align your work and life seasons

why fighting the battle between work and home is actually killing the balance you might be able to achieve



find your passion + talent sweet spot

how to find your passion and align it with your talent in order to clarify your goals and start balancing your time



keep that to-do list from running long

deleting, delegating and automating your life with my simply flowchart, making your list shorter and life happier



Nicole Andreini has been a true “mompreneur” for 3 years now, but an entrepreneur for over a decade. Beginning as a freelance graphic designer for local agricultural companies, and now founder of Studio 22 – an international boutique branding and web design firm serving ambitious entrepreneurs with massive visions.

After becoming a momma as well as entrepreneur, Nicole launched Nicole&Co., a lifestyle branding and blogging company focused on creating a movement that inspires entrepreneurial mommas to live a balanced, happy, badass life without the overwhelm, guilt and loss of self.

All in all, Nicole is the founder and current executive of 3 of her own companies, as well as momma to an almost 3 year old toddler boy, Joey, and another on the way. She co-hosts the groundbreaking Mompreneur Podcast, hosts Mompreneur : The Course, and is the creator of the rested family’s go-to cosleeper and lounger, the JoJo.

When Nicole isn’t speaking, hosting workshops or writing content, she is fostering her #momtribe relationships, lifting weights, and spending time on the water with her family.